FACES of Orange County 2020

Elizabeth J. Pusey M.D. – Women’s Medical Imaging


As a board-certi­fied radiologist with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Elizabeth Pusey is known as a compassionate physician who believes in partnering with patients in the direction of their care. Dr. Pusey and her team take the time to form relationships with patients, assessing personal risk for breast cancer and working with them to choose the best options for breast cancer detection. Dr. Pusey offers breast ultrasound as well as mammography as part of screening, resulting in earlier breast cancer detection than with mammography alone. With the newest low dose 3D mammography and complete bilateral breast ultrasound offered for patients with dense breasts during the same visit, Dr. Pusey has been highly successful in ­finding very small early stage breast cancers. Fibrocystic patients also ­find a true partner in monitoring and caring for their sometimes-painful breast condition.

“The intimate size of my practice is perfect for patients seeking a lifelong dedicated partner in their breast health. My team and I are able to build a unique relationship with our patients. At larger practices with in-house MRI machines, we ­ find that MRI is often recommended when not necessary, whereas we can provide an independent breast risk assessment and determine the best options for detection and treatment. Our risk assessment is expansive, covering family history, breast density, and prior biopsies to give patients a comprehensive and honest understanding of their risk for breast cancer.”

With a B.S. degree from M.I.T., an M.S. degree from UC Berkeley, and her medical degree from UC San Francisco, Dr. Pusey’s approach to patient care sets her signi­ficantly apart from other imaging centers. Recognizing most patients experience some form of anxiety prior to imaging, Dr. Pusey is committed to transparency, ensuring patients’ voices are always heard and they are fully informed with every step of their care. Without question, Dr. Pusey’s lifelong dedication is driven by the passion she has for improving and maintaining the long-term health and wellness of her patients.

DrPusey.com / 949-645-2321 / Epuseymdinc@gmail.com

361 Hospital Road, Suite 528, Newport Beach