FACES of Orange County 2020

Cindy Chin – KW Cindy Chin Realty


Under the leadership of Cindy Chin, KW CINDY CHIN REALTY is the fastest growing and the largest multi-cultural real estate team in Southern California. With an organization ranked as a KW Global Top 50 Team around the world and number one Growth Partners in the region, Cindy has a background in both real estate and wealth management, giving her a uniquely comprehensive approach with her clients. In terms of how the Irvine market is doing during these tumultuous times, Cindy notes:

“Irvine has been the most popular city in Southern California for hundreds and thousands of first-generation Chinese immigrants, which means properties have remained in high demand, even with COVID-19. Many listings are receiving multiple offers and selling at higher price points than similar comps.” In fact, with Asian populations approaching 50 percent in Irvine, Cindy is well-equipped, having grown up in China she is fully fluent in Chinese. Far from a one-man show, Cindy’s culturally diverse team caters to an international clientele.

An active member of Pacific Club in Newport Beach and a classical music lover, Cindy is also a Box Circle member as well as a committee member of Pacific Symphony. When not working with clients, Cindy enjoys golf, ballroom dancing, museum-hopping and travel. Being an avid golfer, she regularly participates in the World Chinese Golf Tour annually. Cindy shares her life with her two dogs, Lovie and Lucki, in the beautiful cities of Newport Beach and Irvine, California.

“Real estate is in my blood,” says Cindy. “What gives me gratification is when my happy clients send me gifts and thank you notes or provide positive online reviews. I always say, “Happy Clients, happy Cindy!”

25531 Commerce Centre Dr. Suite 120
Lake Forest CA 92630