FACES of Orange County 2020

Christopher Naghibi ESQ. – Black Crown Inc.


Christopher M. Naghibi is disrupting the real estate world in Orange County and Los Angeles through his unique offering and has developed a reputation as a “fixer” for those who demand privacy and anonymity without sacrificing concierge-level quality services. His real estate firm Black Crown Realty is truly one of a kind, delivering every service in-house allowing them to provide their high-profile clients with unrivaled privacy and a concierge level personal touch. “From buying or selling homes to sourcing a myriad of different types of investment properties for our high net worth clients from across the country, we are their go-to firm,” says Mr. Naghibi. “But we don’t just stop there. The only way to control the ecosystem of information was to contain as many of the services our clients demanded inhouse.” To meet this need, Black Crown Realty has an in-house staff with expertise in law – including personal injury, family, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and landlord action; licensed general contracting; and a robust real estate brokerage.

Black Crown Inc.
6789 Quail Hill Pkwy., Suite 311, Irvine
blackcrowninc.com | concierge@blackcrowninc.com