FACES of Orange County 2019

Simone & Son Jewelers: Shant Dakessian, Jasmine Dakessian


Creating An Heirloom

Simone Dakessian, founder of Simone & Son Jewelers, always followed his heart and instincts when making a decision. The decision to call his wife and newborn son in France and inform them of his desire to move to the land of opportunity to start a new jewelry business was no different. In 1978, the “Dynamic Duo” opened their retail store in a community of customers who have since become family. Jasmine’s unique ability to hand sketch beautiful pieces along with Simone’s talent of bringing those pieces to life was an innovative concept for that time.

“Our jewelry making process is a memorable experience for the customer! Whether bringing in old jewelry and incorporating them into a new piece, sitting down with our designers and watching their dream piece come to life, or picking out a piece of jewelry from our showcases that they just can’t live without, our customers are part of an incredible process,” says Jasmine.

Within a few years, their son Shant began to develop a passion for gems and he pursued a Graduate Gemologist degree. His modern and futuristic vision blended with the traditional art of jewelry making elevated their team and the business. By incorporating 3D designing and prototyping into the process, the family business began to quickly grow into a successful business model with a foundation that involved the customer as an integral part of the creative process.

Currently celebrating their 41st anniversary, Simone & Son Jewelers has been able to remain relevant in a competitive industry by quickly adapting to changes and utilizing social media to capture clientele.
Jasmine says, “By giving our clients the opportunity to create a piece or to c,ustomize designs, we are giving them a memorable experience that sets us apart. In a challenging retail industry, it is important to always create an experience and not just make a sale. This concept has been the foundation for Simone & Son from the beginning.”

Shant Dakessian, Jasmine Dakessian
Simone & Son Jewelers
10124 Adams Avenue
Huntington Beach CA 92646

Photography by Jason Wallis Photography