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Roberts Law Firm: Jeff Roberts and Michael Jeandron


Advocating for the Injured

Whether it’s riding to Cook’s Corner in Trabuco Canyon or grabbing lunch at Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Elsinore, motorcyclists share a love of the open road. As personal injury lawyers and licensed motorcyclists themselves, Jeff Roberts and Michael Jeandron understand that passion – and its inherent risks.

Since 1998, The Roberts Law Firm has represented clients seriously injured in auto accidents and falls, and family members who have lost loved ones in accidents caused by negligence. When it comes to motorcycle cases, Jeff and Michael parlay their personal riding experience to help maximize the compensation for injured clients.

“Most personal injury lawyers do not go to trial, instead settling for settlements to their client’s detriment. We go to trial, we put in the hard long hours and get much better results,” says firm President and founder Jeff Roberts. Michael Jeandron agrees. “In our last two motorcycle injury trials, the insurance companies blamed the cyclists and refused to pay fair compensation. We prevailed in both cases and the juries awarded over $1 million dollars to each client.”

Jeff adds, “When we finish a legal case and do a great job, clients often give me a hug and say ‘thank you’ – that’s what makes this area of law so rewarding.”

Jeff Roberts and Michael Jeandron
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