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Marc E. Mitzner


Helping Clients Resolve Their Case

For almost 25 years, Mr. Mitzner has dedicated his professional life to the practice of Family Law. As a Certified Family Law Specialist, Mr. Mitzner knows how to navigate the sometimes difficult waters of the Family Law Court. As an expert in Family Law litigation, Mr. Mitzner can handle any situation and any opposing counsel. Both passionate and compassionate when it comes to helping his clients rebuild their lives, Mr. Mitzner is known for his exceptional communication skills as well as his expert ability to provide his clients with successful results. Many client’s have expressed their appreciation with Mr. Mitzner by writing and posting comments on social media. One client recently said “you will never be disappointed in placing your trust in Mr. Mitzner with any Family Law matter.” Mr. Mitzner is a third generation California native and seasoned Family Law expert who has dedicated many years to advancing his client’s interests above all else. Mr. Mitzner can always be reached for a complimentary consultation by scheduling a phone call with his friendly staff.

Marc E. Mitzner
The Law Offices of Marc E. Mitzner

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