FACES of Orange County 2018


In an era of oversized lips and high cheek bones, the ZENA Medical team prides itself on creating the natural look. It takes a lot of work and savvy to create the ‘undone’ look.

ZENA Medical is a full-spectrum dermatology and aesthetic practice combining a board-certified dermatologist, a plastic surgeon, a master NP injector and a laser expert. The practice, founded by OC Top Doctor Dr. Zena Gabriel, has grown substantially because it is grounded in traditional medical ethos and delivers aesthetic care firmly based on science.

ZENA Medical uses a copyrighted algorithm to evaluating faces so that individual anatomy is respected. They believe everyone’s face is unique. “Not everyone can wear the same cheek or lip size — our goal is to make you look like you’ve had nothing done,” says Dr. Gabriel. “We all want to look like ourselves, just refreshed and rested.”

Elite and comprehensive dermatology is the foundation of ZENA Medical and they think outside the box in the medical arena too. They stand out with fool-proof acne treatments, non-surgical skin cancer therapies and by treating rashes that no one else can diagnose.

The team fully believes the ‘done look’ is out. Dr. Gabriel believes that your face should not scream ‘I’ve had work done’ … instead, you want your face to show the subtle mystery of the real you.

359 San Miguel Drive, Suite 300 | Newport Beach CA 92660 | 949-200-8222 | ZENAmedical.com

Photography by Jason Wallis Photography; Hair by Kailee Fisher; Makeup by Kim Putnam/Salon 359