FACES of Orange County 2018


The Faces of Coastal Orange County Real Estate

For almost 30 years, Marlene Hassel and Manny Stellino have partnered to create one of Coastal Orange County’s most successful residential real estate teams. The pair is renowned for their leadership in the Newport Heights and Cliff Haven communities, where they are the market’s foremost experts, having sold more than 160 homes and represented hundreds of buyers and sellers within these popular Newport Beach neighborhoods. Besides those particular areas, working throughout Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, and Costa Mesa, Hassel and Stellino apply decades of in-market knowledge, expertise and negotiating skills to ensure clients achieve the most positive financial outcomes. “Homebuyers can be confident they will secure the home of their dreams – and sellers will enjoy expedient transactions – while experiencing the most in client service,” says Stellino. These distinct market advantages have earned the team an impressive roster of repeat, referral, and multi-generational clients.

Hassel and Stellino also bring previous, successful tenures in marketing and real estate management and construction to their highly respected practice. Hassel’s former career as an advertising executive leverages leading-edge marketing and sales strategies. And, as a longtime local real estate investor, she assists buyers and sellers of both primary and investment properties. Stellino’s expertise in real estate management and construction enables clients to rely on the team as trusted advisors on all aspects of real estate, including market trends, real estate law, and investing.

With unwavering integrity, dependability, dedication, and loyalty coupled with a market-leading track record for sales success, Hassel and Stellino are the real estate professionals of choice for the region’s homebuyers and sellers.

450 Newport Center Drive, Suite 100 | Newport Beach CA 92660 | stellinohasselteam.com

Photography by Jason Wallis Photography