FACES of Orange County 2018


The Face Of Beautiful Hair

What makes PLATINO Salon & Suites different? How does PLATINO continue to rewrite the hairdressing playbook? It may have something to do with how three generations of women possess the boundless creativity and savvy instincts to carry on a timeless legacy. But ask PLATINO’s owner and co-founder, Laurel Chirico, and she will add:

“Our success would not be possible without the innovation and creativity that we encourage — and receive — from every level of our team. This innovation is crucial to maintaining Platino’s growth. We are forward thinkers; making positive changes that benefit our clients, our future, and this exciting industry.”

The women of Platino are constantly shaking things up; while always focused on a high level of understanding about their clientele’s needs. They are able to seamlessly navigate the industry’s highs and lows by implementing game-changing strategies that keep Platino moving forward.

“We are ready to break old rules, break new ground, and create a breakthrough
experience for clients and all beauty professionals in the industry.”
–Laurel Chirico–

Newport Beach CA | 949.474.7477 | platinosalonsuites.com

Photography by Jason Wallis Photography