FACES of Orange County 2018


The Face of Plastic Surgery

Surgeon. Teacher. Artist. Humanitarian. Realizing her dream at age 12 to become a plastic surgeon, Ghada Afifi not only enhances physical appearances, she also transforms her patients’ lives. This busy double board-certified plastic surgeon was accepted at age 17 into an accelerated biomedical program. After earning her medical degree at 23, she completed her surgical training at Yale and Penn. Today, her state-of-the-art plastic surgery practice boasts two newly renovated Orange County offices, specifically suited for her patients’ privacy and comfort. Dr. Afifi is skilled in all manner of facial and body beautification, from breast enhancement and liposuction to tummy tucks and facelifts. A proponent of natural-looking outcomes, Dr. Afifi says she’s seeing more patients come in for surgical changes after nonsurgical options failed to provide the desired result. “Some non-surgeon doctors and nurses are simply overfilling faces when the patient really needs their excess eyelid and face/neck skin removed,” she explains. She says patients are self-referring themselves to her office after realizing that a simple outpatient facelift procedure will be more anti-aging than six syringes of filler.

A firm believer that the natural, beautiful look be chosen over a “cookie cutter” approach, Dr. Afifi adds, “I believe in customizing procedures to best achieve natural-looking results — watching a patient’s self-confidence soar is what makes this field so incredibly rewarding.” A speaker at international conferences, Dr. Afifi also volunteers both in the states and abroad to help those less fortunate with traumatic deformities and birth defects lead normal, happy lives. “I am honored to be able to live my dream, so giving back is incredibly humbling and actually transforms me in return.”

2200 East Fruit Street, Suite 205 | Santa Ana CA 92701 | 714.973.9197
1101 Dove Street, Suite 130 | Newport Beach CA 92660 | 949.767.7444