FACES of Orange County 2018


The Face Of Digital Marketing

In a highly competitive field like digital marketing, DG Studio has made a name for itself by creating well aligned messaging and brand identity marketing that communicates exactly what a client desires. At the helm is Dishan Jayasinha, a Sri LankanAmerican MD turned entrepreneur, creative mastermind and humanitarian. He is the founder, CEO and creative head of DG Studio, based in Los Angeles, with sister companies in India and Mexico.

As a multi-national creative agency, DG Studio employs a team of creative and vastly talented professionals consisting of market-strategists, UX/UI designers, web developers, graphic designers, and programmers. “We provide a wide range of services such as creation of brand identity, graphic design, web development, app development, web hosting, and marketing. Our goal is to create a perfect image that truly represents who you are to the world, online and offline,” says Jayasinha.

His love for his country and helping others also lead him to be the President of the LA-based nonprofit organization, Sri Lanka Foundation International. When he’s not helping companies and individuals expand their digital footprint, Jayasinha is also the founder and CEO of JayMed, which provides medical billing services to nonprofit clinics and major medical centers in the U.S. “I love helping companies and individuals grow and succeed,” says Jayasinha. “That’s what makes my job so rewarding.”

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Photography by Jason Wallis Photography