Best New Restaurants 2016

No. 2 Macallan’s Public House

Here’s an instance of a new restaurant needing many months and substantial tweaks to succeIMG_5808ssfully find its best self. Tightening the floor team, making more sense of the wondrous whisky offerings, and backing all that booze with a well-executed, enticing menu boosts Macallans to a Most Improved destination. Chef Roman Jimenez brings consistency and imagination to pub fare that tastes modern yet comforting. As proof, just try his curry with forbidden rice, bone marrow grilled cheese and heirloom tomato soup, or the county’s finest Irish Sunday breakfast. Why the amazing happy hour and late-night menus? Gotta attract folks to the far end of the Promenade. It must be working; every visit has been busier than the last.

FIELD NOTES Owner Vinka Ferrell is behind the cozy surroundings that stand out for their subtle, unexpected chic. This is not the pub of your college days.

330 W. Birch St., Brea