10 Remarkable O.C. Women

BY - May 16, 2016

We celebrate 10 extraordinary women who bring their intelligence, leadership, creativity, and advocacy to the law, social justice, the arts, and sports– in short, to our entire community.


  1. Vicki Lynn RuizDistinguished Historian
  2. Lizet Ceja DiazAgent of Empowerment
  3. Linda KangBusiness Pioneer
  4. Nicole BoicePatient & Family champion
  5. America BrachoPublic Health Promoter
  6. Zov KaramardianCulinary Trailblazer
  7. Elizabeth G. MaciasSuperior Role Model
  8. Kaleena Mosqueda-LewisThree-Point Phenom
  9. Betty HuangArts Champion
  10. Kelly Vlahakis-HanksEarth Steward & Business Leader