Visit This Hedge Maze in Mission Viejo

What You’ll See A hedge maze in Mission Viejo
Getting There Park at the Norman P. Murray Community Center and find the maze along Oso Creek Trail.
While You’re There Check out the butterfly garden and watch for signs of wildlife along the naturally flowing creek.
From the Photographer
“I always try to capture the fun places and activities we do as a family. This day was no different. We stumbled upon this cool maze and I knew I had to snap a photo. I let the kids explore as I climbed up a small hill to get the best view. I just happened to catch the moment as my son found the middle of the maze.”

“Oso Creek Trail and Oso Viejo Park is one of my family’s favorites. We love the playground with huge slides and the nature walk. It’s the perfect place to go explore or even the ultimate backdrop for family photos. The maze is a fun place for the kids and there are always little animals to spot along the trails.”

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