Two Parking Spaces

Justice Takes a Shape – a Door Ding
Is it OK to intentionally ding the car door of someone who intentionally takes up two parking spots in a crowded mall parking lot?


That’s a startlingly unequivocal answer…

Violence against personal property—especially during the festive holiday shopping season—is a perfectly acceptable response to what I consider one of the most senseless, self-centered things a human being can do. (There may be more satisfying sounds than the steely “Thunk!” of a well-aimed and quickly opened car door, but frankly, I can’t think of one.) Of course, more creative responses are acceptable as well. If the adjoining spot is open, for example, why not park your own car so close that the Piggy Parker has to make the long crawl to the driver’s seat from the passenger side? Only problem with that is that you may end up with a dinged door, and once they leave, you’re the one taking up two spaces. But that’s your karma problem, and I’ll leave that choice to you and your conscience.

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