These Local Brands Offer Stylish Face Masks And Coverings

Whether you’re out for a grocery store run or on a walk around your neighborhood, face masks and coverings have become a go-to accessory. Local brands are offering alternatives to disposable face masks, which are in short supply and needed by healthcare workers. Whether you’re looking for a simple black mask or a brightly colored one, here are a few local businesses you can support while keeping those around you safe.

Hanks Kerchiefs
Designed and manufactured in Seal Beach
Turn your handkerchief into a mask


VYB Swimwear
10-pack of masks

Jonesea Wetsuits
Costa Mesa
Neoprene masks

Milk and Honey Baby
Costa Mesa
Masks for adults and children

Jeannie N Mini
Masks for adults and children

Santa Ana
Pack of three masks

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