The Cypress Sisters Behind Fig and Stone’s Concrete Home Decor

Rachel and Victoria Masai create stylish home decor out of concrete.
Cypress-based sisters Rachel and Victoria Masai; Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Cypress residents Rachel and Victoria Masai started Fig and Stone in September. Since then, they’ve sold their neutral-toned concrete pieces—including rainbow arches, candleholders, and more—at local pop-ups. “We believe in making a space that feels good and functional—a place of peace, a safe haven,” Rachel says. Keep an eye out for Fig and Stone pieces coming to local boutiques.

How did you start Fig and Stone?
Victoria: I got married a year and a half ago. It was very new to me living somewhere else with my husband. I was trying to make my house feel like home. I was looking into getting a concrete table, and they were so expensive and heavy; then Rachel started looking into concrete. We didn’t really know it was going to be “in” at the time. Rachel found some molds on Etsy, and we started researching it; what to do, how to cure it, and we thought, let’s just try it as a fun side project. We started selling on Facebook Marketplace and surprisingly a lot of people liked it.
Rachel: It was only fitting that we settled on the name Fig, meaning a new beginning. We chose the name Stone to represent the earthy tones and the nature of the materials we use.

What did you like about concrete?
Victoria: I liked the matte finish to it and that it wasn’t perfect, and we know that people like that, too. We even did a test where we had some perfect pieces without air bubbles, and then we had some with a lot of texture from the air bubbles. People would say they like the ones with texture.

How do you make the pieces?
Rachel: I measure the concrete mix, and then I mix it with other elements to make it stronger and more durable. Then I add pigments to get the desired color, pour it and mix it into the mold, and then I let it cure for more than five hours to make sure that it’s all set and doesn’t crack. Then I sand it and seal it with a food-safe sealer to protect it from staining. Our aim is to bring earthy and neutral tones by blending concrete elements together to bring a little life to your space.

How do you suggest styling Fig and Stone pieces?
Victoria: We chose things that we would put in our own homes and also something that could fit a wide variety of styles. Our pieces can be used anywhere in your home, but our favorites are on an entryway table, shelves, nightstands, and dining tables. For the large trays, we love when people put wooden beads, candles, or vases on them. Our smaller trays or trinket bowls are perfect for your everyday jewelry pieces. Our basin bowl looks amazing on an entryway table; we use it for keys, coins, (and more). Our bestseller is the rainbow. It’s so versatile, adds texture and dimension, and can be easily moved to any space in your home.


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