Style Speak from Urban Decay’s Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer

Wende Zomnir talks about what drives her

photograph by Priscilla Iezzi

Credit wimpy eye shadows for inspiring the Newport Beach surfer and rebel to create her own line in 1996. “I was obsessive, and it bothered me that colors looked intense in the case and pale when you put them on.” So she and a partner concocted dense shadows, gave them names such as Oil Slick, packaged them in silver and purple, and called the line Urban Decay, a reference to the beauty of imperfection. Retail locations are next on her list, and, in November, she opened her first at Fashion Island, then another in London. As for doing it all as the mother of two boys, she says, “an amazing babysitter” helps.

“Sometimes working in beauty makes you feel vapid, shallow. But your job is to inspire. That’s what we do.”

“I was sent home from school for wearing too much makeup—and that was in Fort Worth [Texas].”

“People want their individuality, they don’t want to be cookie cutter. When I was kid, people wanted that more; today it’s really freeing.”

“Purple was a way to be incredibly rebellious. It was the right shade to say ‘we’re here; we’re different.’ ”

Urban_DecayBare-Faced Beauty
The prettiest faces on spring runways were those sporting “no makeup makeup”: soft, sun-kissed cheeks, eyes brightened by tawny hues, and rosy lips with a hint of shine. You, naked, but better. Urban Decay’s Naked On the Run palette, including the new lip gloss, Sesso. Limited edition. $54, Urban Decay, Fashion Island, 949‑644‑6550,

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