South Coast Plaza Carousels Reopen

The attractions are ready for riders again, starting today.

Folks entertaining children who love a horse ride can rejoice today as the two carousels at South Coast Plaza reopen after a 15-month hiatus, the longest in the 54-year history of South Coast Plaza.

The larger carousel, near The Hall Global Eatery, changes for the seasons, with bunnies in the spring and reindeer in the winter. The horses are up and running for summer. The second carousel, in the Home Wing of South Coast Plaza, has height and weight restrictions and is a good option for the littlest fans.

Anyone riding the carousel will need to wear a mask. It’s a good idea to have your mask handy in the center anyway as various stores have different rules about what is required. While you’re at the shopping destination, pause for a lovely meal at one of the restaurants that made our Best New Restaurants list in the past few years:

Crudo at The Hall Global Eatery

Knife Pleat

Terrace by Mix Mix

Happy riding!

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