Shop These Sustainable O.C. Brands

The realities of the global climate crisis can seem overwhelming. Every day, there’s new information about how the environment and human health are being threatened. And the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic has people wondering about possible parallels.

But there are plenty of Orange County residents fighting to make positive change. We highlight that great work here—from green businesses and university researchers to volunteer groups and civil servants. Passionate locals are working together to create a sustainable future; let them inspire you to take action in ways large and small.

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Known Supply
Costa Mesa
Long-sleeve shirt, $42
Made with certified organic cotton that limits use of toxic chemicals

San Clemente
Becca Print sandal, $28
Eco-friendly packaging, water-based adhesive, and recycled foam

Costa Mesa
Mahina towel, $29.95
Made with sustainably sourced cotton and free of toxic substances

Persimmon & Copal candle, $30
Sustainably sourced coconut wax, no parabens

Santa Ana
Streamline Crossbody Treecycle, $118
Treecycle collection is made from recycled seat belts.

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