Rooms We Love: A Ladera Ranch Living Room Blends Contemporary and Traditional Design

Interior designer Juaneice Munoz took this Ladera Ranch home from Spanish Mediterranean to contemporary transitional.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

With the homeowners having opposing design preferences, Munoz’s challenge was to blend their two visions with the existing Spanish architecture. “Their goal was to lighten up their home and bring it into the 21st century,” Munoz says. “The husband was very contemporary, and the wife was very traditional.” Munoz brought together traditional colors, such as neutrals and blues, and contemporary textures and materials, including metal and concrete.

Barn door

“The wall with the main sofa was a half wall. We put a faux barn door over the opening of it to extend the wall space.”

Side Tables

“Those are nesting tables. They flank either side of the sofa and can be moved around.”

Blue Chairs

“Those were custom made, and they’re swivel chairs. We chose blue because that is the wife’s favorite color.”


“(Everyone) loves lighter colors but is afraid of them. We made sure that the fabrics were such that you could still spill wine on it, and it would just bead.”


“The lamp is concrete. It’s got a little bit of texture on it—that’s kind of a trick we use to make a room not look too slick.”

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