Q&A With the Newport Beach Native Behind Large Lemonade’s Embroidered Designs

Photograph courtesy of Pine and Palm Journal

Brooke Jaramillo fell in love with chain-stitch embroidery in 2017 and has since created designs for actors, artists, and musicians. Now a Silverlake resident, Jaramillo frequently reconnects with her O.C. roots. “I’m normally (in Newport Beach) every two weeks,” Jaramillo says. “It’s a nice little escape from L.A.” Keep an eye out for Large Lemonade’s first line of embroidered vintage T-shirts, releasing later this year.

What first drew you to chain-stitch embroidery?
I walked into a Levi’s store, and I saw a girl working on this old vintage Singer (sewing machine) making this amazing design. I bought a 1930s Singer a year later, and I haven’t stopped chain stitching since. It changed my life the second I saw the machine. Large Lemonade has always been a back-burner project for me—the name is actually an inside joke that stuck for years. I started Large Lemonade as a chain-stitch embroidery business about two years ago.

Why the vintage vibe?
I just love the different eras of fashion. Anytime I can wear vintage, I wear vintage. I’m really in love with the ’60s and ’70s—the colors and patterns. It’s always been really inspiring to me. (My sewing machine) is this old, beautiful 1930s machine. They’re really hard to find. It actually used to be an old Disneyland machine where they’d write names on the Mickey Mouse hats.

Embroidered denim jacket by Large Lemonade; Photograph courtesy of Pine and Palm Journal

What does your process look like?
People come to me with a specific design in mind, and I let them know if it’s doable. I really love recycling, so I always try to push if you have an old jacket that’s been sitting in your closet for years, now is the time for me to give it a new life. Then the process normally takes about three weeks from start to finish.

Do you have a favorite design?
My boyfriend’s dad turned 60 a couple years ago, and he is a die-hard Beatles fan. I designed a jacket for his birthday … with a huge yellow submarine on the back and then I wrote, “Our friends are all aboard” along the top. Ever since then, we’ve been adding random (Beatles-themed) patchwork to the jacket. He is my biggest fan, and he wears it with so much pride and loves it so much.

How did you start working with celebrities?
Levi’s has been a huge support system for Large Lemonade. I do a lot of freelance work for them, and they put me in touch with a ton of people. Any time they do customization for their clients—which is a lot of celebrities, artists, musicians—they (usually) have me do it.

Tell us about the jackets for the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” cast.
It was a five-day turnover, and I had 45 jackets to do. It was crazy, but it’s projects like that that I love so much. I don’t sleep, but it’s so much fun getting that done. It was their last name in the Hollywood (sign) font on the back of their jackets, so Pitt, Robbie, Tarantino, DiCaprio.

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