Q&A With Jolie Dionisio, Owner of Wild Child Party in Newport Beach

Wild Child Party is an event and styling company that also creates balloon installations.

Why did you begin offering balloon installations?
I started event planning before I opened the store. People wanted custom balloons for their parties, and you really couldn’t find them anywhere. That’s what prompted me to open the store for specialty supplies and balloons. We taught ourselves to (make balloon installations) seven years ago.

What do the installations look like?
They can cover the whole front of a house, climb up a wall, or climb over a doorway. We always try to keep it really organic and flowy and not too formed or structured or stiff. People know when they see a really large installation it’s done by us because we’re known for that. They can add Mylar balloons, confetti, fringe, flowers.

How many balloons are typically used?
It all depends on the size—it can be anywhere from hundreds to thousands. The great thing is even if it’s just a couple hundred balloons it still looks really big and impactful. We have always wanted our balloons to be (accessible) for someone who wants to spend a couple hundred dollars to $50,000.

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