Jorge Diaz Opens California’s First Finger Skateboard Shop

Fullerton native Jorge Diaz owns California’s first official finger skateboard shop and training facility, SoCal G8 Sessions in Tustin.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

How did you get into this hobby?
I’ve been into fingerboarding since I was 7. Back then, skate shops had little keychain skateboards that you could put on your backpack. That was the beginning of fingerboarding for me. When I got older, Tech Deck came out with finger skateboards. I was able to do a few tricks. The scene was really big in Europe, and when I was older and got my first paycheck, it went toward a wooden fingerboard from Germany. I discovered the difference and how much easier the tricks were with the board quality. 

Why open a shop?
I started in my backyard, with 12 or 13 fingerboard parks. It started getting bigger and bigger, packing my backyard with 80 to 100 people. After four years of doing events, I was ready to get a location, but COVID-19 hit. (In 2021) I had the opportunity to get a spot in the District at Tustin Legacy. They were actually OK with it being such a niche hobby.

How does it work?
We offer $80 memberships, which include general daily access. Our daily entry is $15, which allows people to go in and out as they please. Sometimes people will come early, then go to the skate park down the street, and finish off their session here as it gets darker. 

Why do you think fingerboarding is on the rise?
I know COVID-19 made people get back into fingerboarding as it allowed them to pick up an old hobby. We have kids come in ages 10 to 18, and we also have older guys ages 20 to 40. I hope that more and more people get into it.

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