New Details to Discover at Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise

The Adventureland attraction is set to officially reopen July 16.
Photograph by Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort

Transporting guests to the jungles and rivers of Africa, Asia, and South America, this scenic safari is known for its visual gags and irreverent skippers. When the opening day ride makes its return to the marquee next Friday, you might notice some new additions. “We feel very strongly that our (updated attractions) still tell the same story and have the same look and feel to them,” says Kim Irvine, executive creative director of Walt Disney Imagineering. “But, I think it’s important to not be able to go through (an) attraction and tell you what’s behind every corner. To have new surprises and new added elements that are maybe more relevant to today’s world and today’s stories. As I’ve always said, it’s got to be just as good, if not better.”

With a focus on an accurate representation of cultures and developing the ride’s backstory, here are some details to look for:

  • Explorers from around the world trapped up a tree including an artist from Mexico, a botanist from Nova Scotia, an entomologist from Japan, a bird watcher, and an unfortunate Jungle Cruise skipper named Felix. Pay close attention to the design of these characters, from the vivid details on their outfits to their props. You’ll find Easter eggs throughout the queue which help give more background. Spot their belongings floating through the water near their boat overrun with curious chimpanzees. 
  • Chimpanzees who have gotten into the entomologist’s bug collection
  • A lost and found turned gift shop by Trader Sam filled with a collection of oddities (and more playful chimps)
  • In the queue, look for costumes donned by Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt in the upcoming “Jungle Cruise” film inspired by the ride. The boathouse office in the queue tells the story of Alberta Falls, the new proprietor of the Jungle Navigation Company Ltd. Also, listen for new music and voices on the radio.
  • A chimpanzee holding an upside-down map is actually holding a map of the Disney World attraction and vice versa
  • New jokes from the skippers alluding to their new boss Alberta

Guests can see an early preview of the ride now before July 16. Get tickets at and take advantage of the current California resident ticket offer.

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