Megan Anguiano Hosts Creative Mornings, A Monthly Lecture Series in O.C.

You can still catch a lecture from O.C. speakers online!
Photograph by Emily J. Davis

What is Creative Mornings?
Creative Mornings is a free event with different themes each month. I helped start the O.C. chapter three years ago. As the host, I pick the speakers, get breakfast sponsored, and find venues. Our manifesto is that everyone is welcome, and everyone is creative. We live in such a fast-paced, individual world, and this is a chance to slow down, be in real life with people, and hear what they have to say. Everybody has a story to share.

What draws people to the events?
Maybe the theme speaks to them, or they just want to find groups of like-minded people. Maybe they just moved here and don’t know anybody. It’s a great vehicle to meet people and really get your footing in Orange County.

What was your favorite session so far?
Our first event ever. The theme was anxiety, and the speaker had this really raw and vulnerable conversation with the audience. During the Q&A, one man shared that he deals with anxiety but didn’t previously know how to talk about it. So it was great to watch it actually impact somebody. It was exactly what I think Creative Mornings should be: an open, safe place where everyone can be exactly who they are and get exactly what they need.

How has hosting these events affected your view of the county?
There are so many little stories in Orange County that people often miss because O.C. is very siloed. People in Irvine don’t leave Irvine, and people in Santa Ana don’t leave Santa Ana. But if you actually take the time to cross through, it’s amazing how many different and diverse people you meet.

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