Lime & Vine: Disrupting the Athletic-Wear Norm

In 2014, when Young Chung-Stuart became brand manager for Huntington Beach’s Lime & Vine, she had a clear vision for the then athletic-wear line. Today, her collections are a lesson in transforming once-niche clothing into flexible fashion-forward pieces that take you from a workout to a night on the town.

You’re into your ninth collection. How has Lime & Vine developed from day one?
We started with very basic but relatable pieces and added a fashion twist that gives them something a little unique. Now each season we offer both the basic, softer pieces, along with the fashion-forward.

Did you set out to try something that other lines weren’t doing?
I had just given birth to my first child and my priorities shifted. I needed to be comfortable running around with a newborn. I found such a lack of comfortable clothing. I didn’t want to wear leggings and pretend I was going to the gym only to feel worse about myself because I didn’t go. I also saw a shift to people wearing casual wear/loungewear, but I thought this looked a little dowdy. I wanted to fill this void personally, so I could be comfortable and pulled together but still feel like a woman. I think that if you want to create something, you have to be passionate about it.

What’s your motto?
Our mantra is to disrupt the norm in the best way possible. It is so relevant now with women in power. We are women, we are awesome, and we own it. It’s how we are as a company and how we run the business. Our clothing represents how fierce women are without constraining or disrupting them because they are uncomfortable.

What are you working on now?
We’re finishing up our holiday 2017 and are now on spring 2018. This year  we added the performance line, using clean, cool technology, meaning that the fabrics have antimicrobial, anti‑odor, and moisture-wicking properties so we can really take day‑to‑night literally—you can work out in something and then go out to dinner in the same outfit by throwing on heels and a few accessories.

You keep it fresh with several collections a year. How many do you do?
We have four: spring, summer, fall, and holiday.

Do you have a dream spokesperson, model, or muse?
We just really like badass women. A muse of the past—I’d say Tina Turner, who was able to overcome domestic violence and become a legend and break barriers. A woman of today—I’d say Rihanna because she is her own person, has her own style, and doesn’t care what others think.

I’ve noticed an unusual amount of black on spring runways this year. Did you intentionally incorporate it
into this collection?
Black and white are staples for us year‑round because that’s what people buy. We will always have both of them in our collections.

When was Lime & Vine created and where can we find the line?
The brand was trademarked and branded in 2013. We’re in about 60-plus boutiques and stores in the U.S., including Novecento Sports in Newport Beach.

What’s new that you can tell us about?
We came out with a couple of bags last fall. You can also take them to the gym or out in the evening. We are into getting the most bang for your buck. My next goal is to get into menswear.

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