Irvine Ranch Conservancy Shares 4 Easy Ways To Keep Habitats Thriving

Quail Hill photo by Eric Koberle

Scott Graves, communications manager for the Irvine Ranch Conservancy, shares easy ways to keep habitats thriving.

Stay on the trail.
“What happened last year near Lake Elsinore was unfortunate because the flowers were so beautiful, and everyone wanted to get up close and personal with them. People decided to go off-trail. That can really damage the ecosystem and those flowers. It can make it so those superblooms won’t happen again.”

Don’t litter.
“Be mindful of what you’re bringing in, and always make sure that you take it out with you.”

Don’t trespass.
“Don’t try to go on trails if they’re closed. After it rains, trails can get muddy. Hiking in the mud and stepping around puddles can do long-term damage that people don’t realize.”

Take a guided hike.
“If there’s something you’re really interested in, you can tell a volunteer, and they can tell you whether or not it’s something you’ll be able to see on that hike.”

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