Immerse Yourself in the Forces of Nature Exhibit at Casa Romantica Through Sept. 4

The exhibit juxtaposes plastics and pollinators.
Photograph courtesy of Casa Romantica

The San Clemente nonprofit cultural center commissioned artist Christopher Lutter-Gardella to create a site-specific interactive installation, “Magic in the Air,” on view now through Sept. 4. The installation—which highlights human plastic consumption as well as the importance of pollinators—features bees, butterflies, and ladybugs crafted from upcycled waste stream materials such as plastic bottles, grocery bags, wire clothing hangers, and tissue paper. Each room will contain giant mobiles that swirl around guests. Visitors are encouraged to touch pieces and immerse themselves in the atmosphere. “The intention is to celebrate the importance of pollinators in our lives and on Earth,” Lutter-Gardella says. “My work celebrates beauty, fragility, and vulnerability.”

days it took to create and install the exhibit

volunteers who helped the artist

231 pounds
average American’s yearly plastic consumption

number of pollinators on view between both rooms

number of plastic bottles repurposed

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