Hot Shop: Heirlooms and Hardware

You’ll find one-of-a-kinds at The Lab’s Heirlooms and Hardware

This eclectic shop at The Lab in Costa Mesa looks like a Pinterest board come to life, with handmade and vintage jewelry, wooden furniture, and lots of small decorative items. Its rustic industrial aesthetic is the result of owners Jessica and Joe D’Ambra’s love of antiques and craftsmanship.

Joe D’Ambra’s reclaimed oak candle-sticks, $22 to $30.
Joe D’Ambra’s reclaimed oak candle-sticks, $22 to $30.

“My passion really is as a builder; I like creating things,” says Joe, 28, who comes from an Illinois family of movie set makers and prop masters. Jess, 27, is a Costa Mesa native whose love of  “quality things made a long time ago” blossomed when she sought out decorative items for the setting of their 2012 wedding.

Vintage seltzer bottles from Europe, $55
Vintage seltzer bottles from Europe, $55

Much of what Joe builds, including a wood-and-metal table made from reclaimed maple flooring from a high school basketball court ($1,250), ends up in the store—which opened in November—and in their tiny shop by the same name that’s been a fixture at OC Mix since 2011. They also do custom pieces for homes, retailers, and restaurants.

H&H also stocks canvas and leather bags by Jesslyn Blake ($120 and up), whimsical table lamps by artist Luke Hobbs ($200 to $300), and one-of-a-kind furnishings such as a distressed yellow cabinet from Romania ($3,400). But the goal is to stock more of their own creations—as soon as they can make them.

Heirlooms and Hardware
The Lab
2930 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa

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