Newport Beach Author and Dream Expert Asserts That Life’s Answers Appear In Our Sleep

Photograph by John Cizmas

Anna-Karin Bjorklund believes dreams have greatly impacted her life—inspiring a new career path, helping her heal from broken relationships, and shaping the person she is today. That’s why the dream guidance coach has made a career of helping others tap into their dreams. Her second book, “The Dream Alchemist,” will be released this month.

What made you interested in studying dreams?
As a child in Sweden, I started writing my dreams down and was fascinated. I knew there was something more to life than meets the eye.

How did you turn that passion into a profession?
I was in the corporate world for many years. I was here on a worker visa. The lawyer called. It was like the movie “The Proposal.” He pretty much said, “You need to get out of the country or you can stay here and get married or go back to school.” I decided this is the universe showing me it’s time to follow my dreams. So I went to graduate school for counseling psychology. When I finished, I began working as a dream interpretation coach.

What exactly does your work entail?
I started off primarily focusing on helping clients better listen to messages from their dreams, but my practice soon broadened. I now see clients as a life coach, specializing in dream guidance. There are characters in dreams that are actually different parts of ourselves. Dreams help guide us in the right direction and even connect us with loved ones. We can use our nighttime dreams to make our daytime dreams come true.

Can you tell us about your first book, “Dream Guidance,” as well as the upcoming one?
Dream Guidance” is a step-by-step guide for working with your own dreams and also offers dream interpretation examples. I went on “Fox & Friends” and “The Steve Harvey Show.” (Steve) held the book up in his hands, which really helped bring this little book out to readers on a much bigger scale! Over the past few years, I’ve been focused on writing “The Dream Alchemist,” a memoir of my travels to a small ashram in Southern India and embarking on
a journey of self-love.

Do you have an example of an interesting dream interpretation?
A few years back I was working with a well-known athlete who had this dream before one of the biggest games of the season: “I am on the field. The match is about to begin. I suddenly realize I have no shoes on, and I feel panicked!” Dreams of feeling unprepared are very common, not only among athletes but among many of us in most walks of life. He had high expectations of himself and felt overwhelmed from all the pressure. Listening to this dream helped him develop more compassion for himself, and this extra boost of self-understanding and self-love helped him feel more relaxed.

What about wish-fulfillment dreams?
Wish-fulfillment dreams are some of the most precious dream experiences we can have—and potentially life changing! These are the dreams where something that we wish for has come true. Perhaps we got married to the love of our life, published a book, won the lottery, bought a house, or created something extraordinary. The problem for some people is that they get disappointed when they wake up and realize it was “just a dream.” Stop it right there! Hold on to beautiful feelings! In accordance with the law of attraction, if you can hold on to the feeling you got in the dream when your wish had come true, you can attract a similar experience.


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