Customize Your Perfect Lipstick Shade at Lip Lab By Bite in Irvine

Photograph by Chelsea Raineri

Lip Lab by Bite at the Irvine Spectrum offers the unique experience of creating your own shade of lipstick for $60. First, you’ll select the type of shade you want, whether that’s nude, mauve, deep red, or even bright blue; the options are endless. You can try on the shade and make any alterations you want until you get the perfect color. You’ll also get to select a name for your shade, decide if you want the finish to be matte, satin, luminous, or sheer (their glossiest finish), as well as choose the scent of your lipstick—lime, mint, vanilla, or mango. Once you find your perfect color, the formula will be mixed, melted down, and poured into a mold. As it cools, you can watch your lipstick tube get engraved with the name you picked.

If you love a shade that’s already been made at Lip Lab, whether you saw it on a friend or on Instagram, you can purchase it for $35. You can also bring in a lipstick that’s been discontinued and they can remake it for you. Invite your friends and family to celebrate a birthday, bridal show, or other special occasion, as Lip Lab hosts events in their back room.

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