Colin Hanks Teams with Seal Beach’s Anderson Brothers to Design Handkerchief Line

Photograph courtesy of Hanks Kerchiefs

You might recognize Colin Hanks from his roles in films such as “King Kong,” “Jumanji: The Next Level,” and “House Bunny,” but he also created a line of namesake handkerchiefs, Hanks Kerchiefs, in November 2018. “I’ll always have a connection to Orange County,” Hanks says. “I went to Chapman (University) for a year and even made a movie called ‘Orange County.’ ” Look for new styles releasing each month throughout the year.

How did you come up with the idea for Hanks Kerchiefs?
Handkerchiefs are something that I’ve always carried with me. My grandfather always had one, and my dad always would have some lying around. They’re the handiest thing—I mean hand is literally in the (name). Slowly over time, more and more people would tell me their stories (about a connection to them). I thought, this is obviously an item that is important to people, and it’s important to me.

Tell us about the various designs.
The patterns have been really interesting. It’s one of the fun aspects for me, being a little bit of a graphic design nut. Get me a beer and I can tell you all about the graphic design of any number of sports teams and why I think they suck or are brilliant. For me, the idea of being able to look at various kinds of fabrics and then create patterns and find out what works and doesn’t, it’s been a really fun artistic experience.

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

What role do the Anderson Brothers play?
They popped on my radar with TankFarm. I have a bunch of friends who live in Orange County, so I had gone down to visit and stopped by their shop and introduced myself. We kept in touch, and when I had the original idea for all of this, they were some of the first people I called to run it by to see what they thought. They said they’d love to get involved, and they’ve been incredibly helpful and instrumental. They’ve been helping me with all of the designs and manufacturing. They’re great guys.

How do you come up with the names?
Each one of the kerchiefs I name after someone. I really have to ask myself, “Does Jeffrey really work with this pattern? Will Jeffrey like this pattern?” Most of them have been named after personal friends and family … and some of them have stories. There was one pattern that had the working title Portland. I remembered that I had shot a movie in Portland called “Untraceable,” so I named one of them Griffin, which was named after that character. I named another one Coltrane because when I was in Portland, I listened almost exclusively to John Coltrane.

Why do these make a great gift for Father’s Day?
First, don’t they have enough ties and coffee cups? I think so. What I love about kerchiefs is they can be incredibly personal. We also have a service where you can get a name embroidered onto the kerchief. We have larger and smaller handkerchiefs that can also double as pocket squares.

Several designs from Hanks Kerchiefs Classics collection. Photograph by Emily J. Davis

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