Co-Owner of Seventh Chakra Yoga Shares Tips on Meditating at Home

Priya Jain is the co-owner of Seventh Chakra Yoga in Huntington Beach and Placentia.
Photograph by Peter DeBellis

Using your breath …
Meditation is a tool to direct and control your thoughts. We use breath techniques (to do this). It’s almost like … you are a chariot and your thoughts are like horses. Breath works like reins on these horses.

Tips for beginners …
The first thing we teach people is how to relax their abdomen muscles and allow their belly to expand out as they inhale … then drawing that breath upward into the chest, opening the rib cage and shoulders, and reversing the pattern on the exhale. Close your eyes and focus on a spot between your eyebrows. Sit on a chair with your feet planted against the floor or lying down on your back with your knees bent and feet flat.

How often you should meditate …
Everyone can take 11 minutes out of their day and practice breathing, because whatever you practice is what you become. If we want to let go of chronic stress … we have to be able to dedicate some time to learning how to breathe correctly.

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