Blue Springs Home Offers Vintage and Worldly Bedding

Bedding store Blue Springs Home might feel overwhelming at first glance, with pillows made from vintage fabrics stacked floor to ceiling. But point to any one of them and owner Susan Ellison will tell you its age and the country it came from. “We do that with a lot of our fabrics that are old and don’t have a life in a stack, but when you make pillows out of them, they just come alive again,” Ellison says. “And they should be reinvented because they’re so fabulous.” Customers can shop her collection or hire her for interior design—what she refers to as “bedroom therapy.”

Photo credit: Mariah Tauger

“This is one of the Cisco beds we carry. I like vintage mixed with contemporary.” $4,147

Chinese pillow covers made from overdyed hemp fabric, $375 each

“I had (the pillow) made from an old Moroccan scarf. It probably dates back to the 1920s.” $795

“The Writings of Bret Harte,” published in 1900, $45

This cashmere throw from the U.K. is “a unique piece that is just luscious.” $1,206

Blue Springs Home
369 E. 17th St.
Costa Mesa

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