A Sculpture Exhibit at Sherman Library & Gardens Takes a Fresh Look at Life

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Colorful ceramics depicting cactus, blades of grass, pollen, and more floral inspirations have sprouted at Sherman Library & Gardens. Local artist and landscape designer Dustin Gimbel offers his unique view and a sense of whimsy in Sculptura Botanica, on display through Sept. 15. Visitors will see magnified versions of stamens, petals, and even a fun representation of a carnivorous plant. The 176 sculptures pop up across the entire property, and much of the joy comes from spotting them in varied landscapes or hanging from the ceiling. Admission is $5 for nonmembers and visitors are encouraged to purchase tickets online for contactless entry.

9,200 Pounds of clay used

45 Gallons of glaze

3,000 Feet of bubble wrap to store all the pieces

557 feet height of sculptures standing end to end

2 Months remaining to see the exhibit


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