September 2012

September 2012

Cover Story
Asian Food Guide
Let us take you straight to the good stuff—secret sushi hideouts, Korean barbecue, old-school Vietnamese pho, late-night izakaya snacks, dazzling markets, and bustling bakeries. What more could you want, besides chopsticks? For a sneak preview of Little Saigon’s three finest bowls of pho, go here. To order a print or digital copy of the September issue with the full feature, click here! 
by Gretchen Kurz and Miles Clements  

SoCal Giverny
See how San Juan Capistrano impressionistic painter Maria del Carmen Calvo created her own inspiration. To order the September issue and see her garden in full glory, click here!
by Barbara Thornburg

A Voice Twice Silenced  
The tragic and parallel father-son story of O.C. musicians Tim and Jeff Buckley is about to hit the big screen. Now the world will ask what we’ve wondered all along: “What if?” To see the full feature, click here. Subscribe or order a digital copy of the September issue here!
by Pat H. Broeske

O.C. Designers
Four local fashion designers make a splash with their sizzling fall lines. Order a print or digital copy of the September issue here!
by Chris Christensen   

La Fete du Siecle
Society Editor Gloria Zigner’s monthly recap of the county’s top charity events, including this year’s gala for Pacific Symphony that netted a record $1.3 million for artistic and educational programs.     

Coast Lines
The Neighborhoods page explores the dynamic area around UC Irvine, and the O.C. Answer Man reveals why it’s so easy to spot locals when you travel. In Books, we review San Clemente writer Bridget Hoida’s “So L.A.,” and in Trade Secrets you’ll hear about the white-knuckle life of freeway angel Brian Rodriguez. In Perfect Getaway, we discover Park City, Utah, and our Stat Sheet page gives you the important numbers on Brandon Eickhoff, the nation’s fastest male texter. Fun Page shows you how some of the county’s rock ’n’ role-players get by outside the spotlight, On the Market peeks into some upscale loos with views, and we highlight seven don’t-miss September happenings on our Events page.

O.C. Style
Keep your menswear look informal, effortless, and a little sexy: Add a leopard-print smoking slipper, a fitted vest over bare skin, or sunglasses with a flattering tint. Plus, Hot Shop visits Hillary for Little Sophisticates children’s boutique in Laguna Beach. 

Legends In an age of surf superstores, TK Brimer proves the little guy can still survive—as long as he’s one of a kind.

Rituals Officially, there is no annual Aquathon. Unofficially, it may be the most interesting endurance test in Orange County. 

My Orange County A pre-election plea for more civil dinner-party discussions

Land’s End How Mrs. Dunlap taught the difference between a GPA and an education

Editor’s Letter The Culinary GPS

Artist Spotlight 
“Happy When It Rains” by Costa Mesa’s Andre Woodward, who’s the resident artist at the Great Park through Oct. 28,
>> Online Only Click here to see an online gallery of Woodward’s other works, as well as our comprehensive and searchable events listings for the month’s best in local arts and entertainment.

Main Course South of Nick’s in San Clemente

Nibbles & Bits News and notes from the local foodie scene, including a farm-to-table look at the man who grows tomatoes for the heirloom salad at Studio at Montage Laguna Beach, restaurant recommendations from three top Orange County chefs, and Park Ave chef David Slay’s favorite extra-virgin olive oil from Sage Ranch in Temecula.  

>> Online Only Our authoritative, expanded, and searchable dining listings  

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