Style Talk With: Cameo Appearance Vintage

Fullerton native collects timeless clothing for her Santa Ana boutique.
Sarah Sunderman
Photographs by Emily J. Davis

Sarah Sunderman started Cameo Appearance Vintage in 2010 with her mom. Now she hosts vintage markets, too, featuring up to 30 vendors. Every spring, summer, and fall, customers can shop the Golden Years Market and find one-of-a-kind pieces and vinyl records.

How did you start Cameo Appearance Vintage?

My mom and I have always been collectors of vintage. She raised me playing dress-up and thrifting at antique and vintage stores. We started it together because we had a big collection. In 2010, we officially started reselling and opened an Etsy shop. I’m a nostalgic person and have always loved vintage style and the individuality of it. Having something that no one else can have—special pieces. Most of my inspiration and creativity comes from the vintage pieces themselves. I’ll plan a whole photo shoot in my shop based around one piece I find.

How would you describe the boutique’s style?

I really only fill my shop with stuff that I would wear. That doesn’t mean everyday wear but statement pieces. Things you could get inspired by and style a million ways. I love my vintage T-shirts and denim, but I love hunting for something so unique and fun that it gets my brain turning to figure out how to style it. I think anyone who knows my shop knows I love suits and sets and full looks. I try to look for quality fabrics and pieces that can travel through time—pieces you can wear no matter what’s trending.

Cameo Appearance Vintage jacket
Photographs by Emily J. Davis

What are the benefits of shopping in store?

When you shop online, you get to see how I style things or how I envision something. When you shop with me in person, we get to gab about how you can style a piece and all the ways to do so. Any time someone makes an appointment with me, it’s so fun and it just feels like we’re playing dress-up.

How did you get the idea for Golden Years Market?

I got the idea when I moved into my studio in Santa Ana in 2015. I was super inspired by the building I’m in and the promenade; I was like, I can do an event here. I always wanted to try to do one on my own because I had seen how people would run (events) and would get ideas for how I could do something for me and my friends who also sell vintage. I wanted it to be something fun for the community. I feel like Orange County people always have to travel a little bit farther for vintage, so I wanted to bring Southern California shops together. People have said Golden Years is a very shoppable event; you don’t feel like there’s not enough to look at, but you don’t feel overwhelmed and you can see everything you want to see.

207 N. Broadway
Santa Ana