Hot Shop: The Ritual Refill

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

The neutral tones, stylish furniture and decor, and large windows set the tone as you walk into The Ritual Refill. Owners Shannon Hall and Danielle Holland offer more than 30 products made from clean ingredients that can be refilled in glass bottles, such as sunscreen, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, hand soap, and more. Some of the products such as the laundry detergent are concentrated. “A lot of products come with water already in it as a base; it’s one of the first ingredients,” Hall says. “Since it’s a concentrated amount, you can dilute it and use less of it.”

Customers will receive a 5 percent discount if they bring their own containers. The products are charged by weight, ranging from 15 cents to $6 an ounce. Hall and Holland’s goal with the store is to help reduce single-use plastics and to promote conscious shopping. “(The other refill shops) have been super supportive of us,” Hall says. “I feel like there’s room for everyone and that each one has its own style and is unique to its neighborhood.”

The shop also carries many local brands such as Laguna Beach’s Kung Fu Tonic, Anoint Daily from Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa’s Etto Oil, and Iron Lion Soap from Santa Ana. Customers can also shop silk scarves from Colorem in Laguna Beach. Each month, the shop displays a new rack of vintage clothing and accessories. Check The Ritual Refill’s Instagram for details on monthly pop-ups and gift-with-purchase promotions.


900 N. Coast Highway

Laguna Beach

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