Hot Shop: Goodies

Shop home decor items priced at $25 or less at this new boutique.
Photographs by Emily J. Davis

In a strip mall on 17th Street in Costa Mesa, you’ll find Goodies—the popular brand’s first O.C. location, which was selected based on an Instagram poll. Inside, customers are struck by the bright marigold-colored walls; the color is reminiscent of a robe that owner Rhea Carise wore when she studied alongside monks. The large island in the center of the store displays handmade home decor items, often grouped in sets of three, Carise’s favorite number. “Everything is ethically sourced, and 80 percent of our products are from Southeast Asia, mainly Indonesia,” store manager Anthony Beltran says. 

Most of the items are made from olive wood, marble, ceramic, and teak, including a popular ladder that Beltran recalls waiting in line for at the store’s first location. “Some people waited eight hours just to get the ladder,” he says. The store also carries woven baskets, candles, tote bags, and more. There are stunning pieces such as an organic teak bowl for just $18.  “I enjoy the interactions I have with customers,” Beltran says. “They think it’s such a cool concept for a store. People always say, ‘We’re going to come back during the holiday season,’ because it’s perfect for gifting since everything is $25 or less.”

333 E. 17th St.
Costa Mesa