Hot Shop: At C Dobbs, Relocated Boutique Offers Unique Items

Photo credit: Melissa Valladares


Carol Dobbs opened her namesake boutique in Corona del Mar in 2015. Once she learned the building was for sale last year, she started looking for a new location for her high-end collections. Dobbs reopened her store in the center adjacent to the Newport Beach Central Library in February. “I think a lot of people are drawn to boutiques instead of big malls,” Dobbs says. “They love unique specialty stores.”

The name of the boutique is prominently displayed in black letters above the entrance, and Dobbs and her pup will warmly greet you as you enter. Whether you’re shopping for a gown, a leather travel bag, or a painting to hang in your living room, your purchase will likely be European and exclusive to the store. “I don’t go after the big brand names; I want unique stuff that people can’t find,” Dobbs says. Referring to her store as a “museum of new designers,” Dobbs carries several O.C.-based brands as well as European lines that were expanded for this location. She even designed a line of mother-of-the-bride dresses.

Dobbs’ boutique also offers several bespoke options. Women can create a gown, and men can opt for a custom suit or even design a pair of Italian leather shoes.

Photo credit: Melissa Valladares

Women’s slacks, $218


Photo credit: Melissa Valladares

Handmade, custom Italian shoes, $600


Photo credit: Melissa Valladares

Men’s button-up shirt, $250

928 Avocado Ave.  
Newport Beach

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