Gorjana Opens the Doors to Their Flagship Jewelry Boutique

gorjana-store“Years ago, I said if we ever think about going into retail, that’s the spot I want,” says Laguna Beach-based jewelry designer Gorjana Reidel. Reidel is referring to Beach Street at Ocean Avenue downtown, where she found a brick-and-mortar home for her 12-year-old Gorjana (gor-ee-AH-na) line of delicate, affordable pieces that share arm-party real estate with high-end jewelry on everyone from boho beach babes to Bella Hadid.

O.C. interior designer Becki Owens created a stylish coastal vibe for Reidel using lots of white, with fixtures accented in gold—the brand’s signature metal. Blond wood flooring and a butterscotch cowhide pair effortlessly with driftwood pieces and indigo accents that reflect her family’s love of the sea, Reidel says.

Exclusive to the store are Power Gemstone bracelets ($38) and one-of-a-kind, limited-edition pieces handpicked at gem shows. You might find a massive smoky quartz pendant for $240 or a druzy stone, hammered-disk choker ($145). With the jewelry sold in stores from Nordstrom to Bloomingdale’s, it might seem curious to open a shop in Laguna Beach. Hardly, says Reidel. “We are living the beach lifestyle. That’s who we are. This is our home.”

190 Beach St.
Laguna Beach

Photos by Melissa Valladares

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