4 Reasons to Visit Irvine’s Sky Park Circle

There are plenty of reasons to visit Sky Park Circle in Irvine—even when you don’t have a plane to catch.
Photograph Courtesy of Sushi Atelier

Sushi Atelier 

Good to Know

Having a party? Sushi Atelier offers meals for four ($100), six ($180), or 10 ($240) featuring a variety of rolls, nigiri, and sashimi.

The new restaurant in the Smart Kitchens space lives up to its name, turning out photo-worthy sushi in pristine white bakery boxes. Customers and delivery drivers line up to pick up takeout orders of signature rolls like the Yami tempura roll with avocado, cream cheese, and salmon wrapped in black rice ($18), or the yellowtail roll, packed with snow crab and topped with almond slices ($19). 17951 Sky Park Circle, 714-599-1719

Mr. Rice Cake 

Offering Korean street food to go from its ghost kitchen location until midnight on weekdays and 1 a.m. on weekends, this spot specializes in Korean rice cakes doused in spicy or non-spicy sauce and featuring fish cakes, radishes, sausage, cabbage, and onions. Order the regular size ($23 to $24), big enough for two, or try the half order ($13 to $14) with a side of fried shrimp ($6) or fried dumplings ($4). 17805 Sky Park Circle

Hidden Donkey Escape Rooms

Players here attempt to defeat the Dark Lord at the Irvine School of Wizardry. The creative, collaborative puzzles in the room, which looks like a classroom from “Harry Potter,” involve casting spells and brewing potions. The game is appropriate for tweens, teens, and adults; groups are limited to nine people and get an hour to solve the puzzles. 17925 Sky Park Circle, 415-975-1928

Sandhaya’s Boutique

The racks and shelves explode with color in the shop filled with traditional Indian clothing, and the friendly salespeople are happy to help shoppers find an intricately embroidered and beaded sari or lehenga for a formal occasion, along with the earrings, necklace, and bangles to complete the look. The store also stocks a variety of menswear, including colorful kurtha tops. 17921 Sky Park Circle, 949-874-7888