Via Clover in Irvine Creates Spaces for High-End Fashions

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

Gresham Taylor grew up working for his family’s display company, eventually introducing the business to the fashion world. Now he and his wife, Dina, own ViaClover, a design and manufacturing company that creates beautiful retail spaces for companies such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and more. The company does everything from design to building out the store with its in-house team—a service unique to ViaClover.

How did ViaClover start?
Gresham: I had a little wood and print shop, and the first client I brought in was Opening Ceremony. They were on the forefront of (experiential shopping) and making a space artistic. We also worked with all these great designers including Alexander Wang and Yeezy’s team and built their designs. From there, we got asked to do (Refinery29’s) 29Rooms in L.A. We started getting a really good idea of how design works from these brilliant minds. We did that for two years and didn’t even design; it was just building all these great creative directors’ ideas out of our wood, metal, and print shop. About two years into our company, we got a call from The Grove (in L.A.) and they told us they were going to hold pop-ups. We managed the whole program—we worked with a new brand every 28 days, designed it, fabricated it, and then built out their pop-up. Eventually, we were asked to do retail stores because we had that experience of making a space Instagram-y and explosive.
Dina: I was going to UC Irvine at the time and started helping out, which turned into sitting in class and trying to focus while I was taking orders. It got busier and busier, so I ended up leaving that and working full time (and eventually became a sole partner with Gresham).

Tell us about your team.
Gresham: Dina was doing project management, but she comes from a family of engineers. I couldn’t look at blueprints very well, and Dina was just a natural and could read them. I said, “Dina, why don’t you take on the fabrication and build portions of things and I’ll take on design and get the clients.” Dina runs the construction team, and our all-woman build team goes to the site and installs. They sometimes have to fight the construction guys, who will look at me and ask what I think, and I’m like, dude, I don’t know construction.

A photo of Stoney Clover Lane at Lido Marina Village showcasing the retail design work of Via Clover
Stoney Clover Lane’s Lido Marina Village location, designed and built by ViaClover

Which places have you designed and built in Orange County?
Gresham: At Lido Marina Village we did Aesop, Planet Blue, parts of Faherty, Clare V., Serena & Lily, Velvet by Graham & Spencer, and now Stoney Clover Lane. We also did Lip Lab in the Spectrum and the South Coast Plaza pop-ups for Tiffany’s and Coach. We’re also doing a cool house in Laguna Beach and working with Irvine Company—they just signed us for a contract. We’re partnering with them to design and build out office spaces. We’ll make the spaces cool.

Tell us about your philanthropy work.
Dina: We started working with a nonprofit called Our Own when COVID hit because we had the equipment to cut face shields, so we donated 20,000. They gave us a list of places like Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital or different grocers in L.A.

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