Rooms We Love: Natural Materials in Dana Point

The owner of Rever Design Co. used nature for inspiration for this bathroom.
Photo by Emily J. Davis.

Taylor Lueck started her interior design company in March 2022. She says it was her dream to help make clients’ dreams come true, which is why she chose the French word rever, or dream. For this home in Dana Point, she created a Zen-like atmosphere in the bathroom using mostly natural materials, including the marble counter, hardwood floors, and seagrass pendants. “I think with organic and natural materials you’re going to get a lot more longevity out of the design,” Lueck says. “They tend to be more timeless.”

1) Shower Wall

“This is a porcelain slab. I think it plays off the marble nicely and allows the vanity to stand out.”

2) Shower Tile

“It’s a slate tile, so again, a natural material. Luckily the size was right to do a herringbone in the shower.”

3) Bathtub

“We had to have an engineer come in and make sure that the joists could support it.”

4) Counter

“Bringing in the (purple) in the Italian marble was a lot of fun. We used it in the kitchen and had just enough left.”

5) Faucets

“These are unlacquered brass, so they’ll patina over time; they’re like a living metal finish.”

6) Stools

“This is a complete remodel, so adding an old-world element (from India) makes it feel a little warmer and homier.”