Rooms We Love: A Timeless Design Studio in Newport Beach

This multipurpose living space features vintage and modern pieces.
Photograph by Emily J. Davis


wners Aly Morford and Leigh Lincoln expanded their Newport Beach interior design studio, Pure Salt Interiors, in April to include a showroom where customers can shop furniture and decor curated by the pair. The front room invites with repurposed vintage furniture. “We love reimagining things from the past,” Lincoln says. “If you like it today, there’s obviously a timeless aspect to it.” For example, the piece lining the walls was originally an apothecary cabinet in the late 1800s. Lincoln suggests styling this type of piece in a kitchen or even as a bar. 


  1. Stools

    “We love the brass. (The chairs) add warmth to that area,” Lincoln says. $398

  2. Pendants

    “These are some of Aly’s and my favorites because they’re so classic.” $1,094 

  3. Plants

    “These plants are a combination of real and fake. We spent a ton of time trying to find fake plants that look real.”  $28 to $498

  4. Rug

    “It’s hard to find earth tones in a vintage rug. I love the browns, greens, and taupe that are in it.” $9,474

  5. Coconuts

    “We love having fresh produce out, and these are a nod to natural elements and the coast. Plus they last a long time.”

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