Rooms We Love: A Multipurpose Space in Newport Beach

This home features a multipurpose space off the living room that’s functional for family and friends to use.

Ashley Clark, owner of Skout Interior Design, used the idea of a breakfast nook as inspiration for this alcove. She took a space adjacent to the living room of her clients’ home and turned it into a place that allows for a variety of activities. “Our biggest challenge was figuring out how to use the space,” Clark says. “We wanted it to be functional where (the family) could do homework, have game night and friends over, work—a room that’s multipurpose. Also, you can close the doors and keep it quiet if you need.” 

Photograph by Emily J. Davis

1. Wallpaper

“We wanted to add a little bit of color … and I think olive green is still neutral and calming.”

2. Wall art

“The homeowner loves reading, so we saw that and knew it had to be there.”

3. Pendant

“You can see it from outside and when you walk up to the front door, so we really wanted it to be something different.” 

4. Table

“The lacquered table seems a bit more modern, but then you add in (other textures), and it’s a mix of styles that work.”

5. Chairs

“We love the bouclé texture, and it’s a dark color so it’s easy to maintain with kids.”

6. Pillows

“We always try to mix in a vintage pillow with new pillows. The unfinished edge adds a cute detail.”