Owner of Huntington Beach-Based LL Design Co. Shares Vision For Custom Aliso Viejo Kitchen

Lisa Rossman turned this family’s dated kitchen into an elevated, coastal-modern design.
Photograph by Michael Radford

Pulling inspiration from the renovated backyard, Rossman brought the outdoors in with a pop of green. “It’s a pretty neutral home, so I thought it was a nice opportunity to bring in some color,” Rossman says. “It has a gray tone to it, so it’s not one of those in-your-face greens; it’s definitely more muted down and powdery.”

This was definitely the wow factor when you walk in. I actually laid out all of the white oak sticks for that hood and came up with that pattern.”

“The terra cotta brought in that touch of something that feels unique and handmade. I think when you have pieces that feel found rather than cookie-cutter light fixtures, it warms it up and makes it feel unique to the family.”

“The cabinetry feels timeless; the door styles are a micro shaker, which keeps it really sleek and modern, but you still get that detail around the doors.”

“It’s a long, skinny kitchen and their main dining area is in the front of the house; they really didn’t have a casual space to sit as a family and eat. It’s a twist on an island, having it more of a table mixed with storage, so it was a really nice mixed-use space.”

“We wanted to bring in something that had leather so you get more natural elements. On top of the barstools is a wrapped leather, and it just brought in a touch of softness.”

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