On the Market: Sustainable Living

This LEED Platinum home is located in Corona del Mar.
Property Photographs by Bowman Group Architectural Photography

$5.39 Million
Corona del Mar

  • 4,211 square feet
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 6 bathrooms
  • The LEED Platinum home features a kitchen with biodegradable linoleum floors.
  • Of note: The front yard’s drought-tolerant landscaping and low-flow drip irrigation system won first place in Roger’s Gardens’ California Friendly Garden contest.
  • 703 Heliotrope Ave.
  • Casey Lesher, 949-702-7047

Wisdom from a master gardener

Headshot Courtesy of Marianne Hugo

Marianne Hugo became a Master Gardener in 2017 through the University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. She also tends to a drought-tolerant landscape at home.

Being a master gardener…
The University of California partners with a program called Master Gardeners of Orange County. I specialize in water conversation and SmartScape landscaping. It’s a program where the university trains and teaches community volunteers to go out and help people learn about plants, water conservation, garden pests, anything having to do with nature. 

Volunteering at the Coastkeeper garden …
I loved it. I volunteered from 2015 to 2020. I helped with tours; they do a lot of tours for school groups, clubs, and all kinds of organizations. It’s really fun because you get to take a group of kids and show them around the garden and do a bunch of activities. 

Creating a drought-tolerant landscape …
I did it before anyone knew anything about transforming their yard, in 2015. Fast-
forward to now: I have people knocking on my door asking me how they can do it. The drought-tolerant plants attract birds, butterflies, native bees, and ladybugs, and they bloom year-round.