On the Market: Dining In

This Irvine home comes with a grand kitchen and wine room.
Property Photographs by Toby Ponnay

$39.9 million

  • 12,978 square feet
  • 7 bedrooms
  • 12 bathrooms
  • Store more than 1,000 bottles in the wine room. 
  • Of note: The grand kitchen features a separate catering kitchen, where caterers can set up for a worry-free holiday meal. 
  • 76 Golden Eagle
  • Tim Smith, 949-678-1070

Wisdom from a Caterer

Headshot by David Alonzo Photography

Duane Greenleaf is co-owner of Colette’s Catering & Events. He shares the allure of having parties catered this season.

Services offered …

We really specialize in service … from the initial phone call, to creating the menu and designing the tablescape, to the servers being there. If you tell us what your concept is, we’ll fulfill that. What you look for in a full-service caterer is someone who is going to be able to make all of those elements have a seamless feel. 

Favorite memories …

There’s a trending term in the food industry right now: modern nostalgia. People want those holiday favorites that remind them of family get-togethers, and they’re putting a modern spin on those things, such as taking the traditional turkey and roasting it with sage, fresh herbs, and infused butters. We have a client whose holiday party we do every year, and she brings out the same Christmas china. She wants that dinner to be authentic, and that brings people back to those childhood memories. 

Benefits …

The biggest thing we provide is being able to give that experience back to the person who’s hosting the party. You get to sit back and enjoy your family and friends and let somebody else make that experience for you so you can participate.